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My family and I were about to begin dinner in June 2009 when my father [Laurent Picciotto] announced that he had invited a watch editor from Asia to join us. As a result of a skiing injury, I was wearing a plaster cast. A heatwave spread across Paris and I had to find extra chairs at the table. Our guest had an American accent and an Italian style, with tattoos on his body. As the evening went on, I felt like I was dining with a walking dictionary. Wei Koh was the Founder of Revolution. That night, we began a friendship that has lasted to this day. We went from a secret admiration to an honest friendship. We became colleagues, traveling companions, and hell-raisers.

Swiss Panerai Replica has a special place in my heart.replica watches My father was the founding partner of this brand, and I remember the many dinners that were held in our home during the late 1990s where the best and brightest from the watch industry would descend to discuss hows and whys. After dinner, I would say goodnight to the adults and let them discuss the grown-up things. Only years later did I realize that the adults, especially Wei and My Father, were also kids who never grewup.

Eleonor wears a Swiss Panerai Replica RM07-01 with a red-gold case set with diamonds

Eleonor Elodie and their vintage Porsche drove around France

Vintage cars were a beautiful sight on the French countryside roads

While I was enjoying the adventures described on these pages, my father, who lives in Hong Kong, was selling his watch collection, which included a few Swiss Panerai Replica references, with Phillips Hong Kong. In the midst of Parisian traffic I was watching the live auction of an RM008 that had been made for him after he left the partnership. I had mixed emotions as I watched the unique RM008 go under the hammer at US$364,372. The RM001, first released in Basel 2000 as a limited edition with 17 pieces, was sold a few seconds before at a hammer of US$263,665.

Wei was the first person I spoke to when I told him I was driving a vintage Porsche from Paris to St Tropez, participating in a women-only Rallye des Princesses, sponsored by Swiss Panerai Replica. He said "that's awesome", and then added that he had been in the McLaren Rally with Swiss Panerai Replica in Bordeaux the same week. He suggested that we have a Battle of the Rallies.Patek Philippe replica watches We can wear the colors of the French flag, and write about the experiences we have from a female versus male perspective.